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DCHU is Born

As some of you might have noticed, I've been progressively rolling out bits of DCHU in my recent pictures. It is currently the official watermark of David Chu Photography. The logo was designed by my brother Pete who's an enthusiast in graphic design in addition to a number of other titles in his repertoire (real estate agent, valet driver, librarian and teacher, to name a few). The inspiration behind the symbol is rather simple. Pete asked, "How can I best capture who Dave is and what he stands for?" With that, Pete embarked to create DCHU, a logo that is both simple and audacious, two objectives of my photography. It might also have an uncanny similarity to the cameras I shoot with.

For David Chu Photography, 2011 is going to be about branding and identity. It's going to head into this year headstrong with a greater emphasis on augmenting my core values as a photographer, how I envision and where I want to take it. It's also a chance to further fortify my style and creative vision as an artist. As I gear up for the next stage of my scientific career, I find it even more imperative to have my roots as a photographer grounded.

I'm ecstatic about several initiatives I have planned for this year which are centered around personal development in addition to exploring mediums to give back and teach. This album is smaller than I envisioned (note to self: ALWAYS bring a spare battery) but I'm thrilled to be able to kick start the year with 2 South. They continue to serve as my inspiration and buttress throughout this profession. A special shout out goes to Jenny (from Meeting Jenny) for saving the day with her camera. Though it's not always practical, this is why two cameras are better than one.

This year's resolutions and photography resolutions to come after the break. Enjoy!

Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA
Gear: D700, 50 1.4G
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