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Created 9-Nov-09
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Huntington Library holds a very special place in my heart. When I first got back from China, I was going through withdraws from the travel bug. You can say that I was "china-sick" and I craved for an opportunity to travel back. Obviously I couldn't. It wasn't financially possible nor did I have the time.

When my Twin brought me to Huntington Library for the first time, I was ecstatic. Because... they had a Chinese garden! No... not the type of gardens you grow in your backyard but one that resembled a slice out of China. It was almost if someone transposed a part of Suzhou to San Marino. A smile gleamed across my face when I witnessed how beautiful the garden really was. In my eyes, it was absolutely divine.

About half a year later when I had to choose a destination for my first shoot with Tiffers, I couldn't help but be drawn towards the grandeur of Huntington Library. I've found a place so versatile and majestic to capture my creative vision. It was a place I could really make Tiffers shine. Besides the pouring rain during that day, it was bliss.

One year later, we both decided it was appropriate to return to our roots to celebrate when my photographic journey started. It's my one year anniversary.

Location: Huntington Library
EXIF Data: Papa Bear, 85 1.4
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