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Silly David, Trix are for kids:

Lately, I've been reading a great deal of photography literature revolving around achieving great portraits and one common theme surfaces over and over again. Although it's commonly held that what makes a great portrait are a wide aperture, dynamic lighting and a simple background, it's a bit more involved than that. I'm starting to agree that the answer revolves around communication.

I won't deny the technical mechanics of a great portrait. Great light, low f-stops and simple backgrounds are all important. But what's most important is communicating with your subject or partner. Although I'm in the process of evolving my style of photography, it still remains inherently me. I'm the constant and everything else are my variables.

Whenever I'm with my Twin, I can't help but be silly, bold and fobby. Those characteristics define who we are as a team and that emanates from the photos we capture. And as much as I would like to believe, I would be hard pressed to try to establish this exact style with someone else. It's just a different bowl of cereal.

It's been a few months but I feel like I just had Trix. I feel like a total kid again.

Location: LACMA
EXIF: Papa bear, 85 1.4, Mama bear, 17-55 2.8
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