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Whenever I think about Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of the semantic origins of Thanksgiving or thanks-giving and the act of giving thanks. During a time when people are ready to stuff their faces (I’m completely guilty here) and waiting impatiently in the blistering cold for the yearly doorbuster (I’m not guilty here), we need to remember the premise this day was founded upon. Get ready for some cheese but those who truly know me know how grateful I am and how quickly I embrace, both literally and figuratively, the people around me and what they mean to me.

To my family and friends, I sincerely thank you for being my crutches when I stumble and the umbrellas to shelter me from the rain. This year has been that much more bearable and equally enjoyable because of all of you. You guys know who you are and well, if you don’t, if you’ve been featured in at least one of these album, you’re probably included (you’re still just as important if you’re not featured and you need to hunt me down so you can be). You guys make it fun and I’m sure a lot of you humor me, especially in regards to my photo antics. You can’t deny that I don’t make it a pleasant experience. Before I ramble on forever, which I have a tendency to do, I would like to say thanks to YOU. Because without YOU, life just wouldn't be as fun =)

Location: Cousin's place, La Puente
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