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Created 18-Jun-09
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I remember the first time I met So. She was timid, quiet but overall nice. It was in the laundry room on 2 South (I think I was cleaning my cereal bowl, one of many times). I thought she was anti-social and kept to herself and that I would see very little of her that year.

It wasn't until winter quarter of that year that I really got to know her. Because of KJ's addictive, photographic habits and his touristy ways, we all happened to be around each other a lot more. We all became so close, Phong and I always found this little girl in our room. I think she had/has a thing for how Phong smelled and was always rolling around in his sheets. Call it modern day pheromones if you will. Or maybe it was because of Phong's endless collection of Korean dramas that led this girl across the hall. Whatever it was, we couldn't get rid of her and I would say, "Oh So, Trix are for kids." Wait... you are a kid. Nevermind.

But now, four years later, she's not quite the same little girl I remember. All grown up, I'm proud =)

Location: UCLA
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