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Autumn Comes In December

It's funny. Although I've been born and raised in LA, I sometimes feel like I need a location scout. Don't be mistaken. I've ONLY lived in a bubble about 18 years of my life. Hey, I'm going on year 6 of living outside of that bubble (with the exception that I reentered that bubble when I moved home) and I can objectively say that I've seen and been to a wide range of venues and locations this city has to offer. Though when autumn arrived, I felt absolutely helpless in my efforts to find a location to have an autumn shoot.

You know, a place where the leaves actually leave their branches and transform into the shades reminiscent of autumn? I know I’m talking to (rather than knocking on) wood for this one but seriously, perfectly fruitful trees in December? Give me a break. Then again, we do live in California and we get 80+ weather in January.

BUT, the search was over. SUCCESS. With the help of KFC, we managed to find a rather isolated park in Hacienda Heights with, you guessed it, autumn leaves! I feel like I’m the only one here who’s getting overly excited about the fall atmosphere but as a photographer in Southern California, you fantasize (yeah, I said it) about colors like these. Red, Yellow, Orange! The colors that make up autumn, all within my vicinity.

Since Snuggles was finally back from Boston for winter break and I had promised her a shoot of her own, I thought it would be wonderful to be able to capture her and the spirit of autumn. For those of you who don’t know Snuggles, she’s kind hearted, compassionate and a ray of sunshine like the three colors of autumn. It brings a smile to my face just knowing how I captured her in the best light possible. A little bit of Snuggles with a hint of autumn in December. I couldn’t ask for more.

Location: Hacienda Heights
EXIF Data: Papa bear, 85 1.4
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