Created 1-Dec-08
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This album is a dedication to my slug. This was also my first attempts at portraitures and a glimpse of what I could did and how far I've come along since I started photography.

Although my Slug may complicate my life a thousand times over (and then another thousand times), challenge everything that I do and say, turn any order in my life upside down, there are moments when all of that disappears and I can't help but smile. I smile because of all the little things she remembers to do. I smile because despite being the huge nerd that I am, she still laughs (mostly at me). I smile because I know, undoubtly, how much she compliments me (though she would disagree).

Sorry this is a tad bit late (more like several months) but I was waiting till I got a better handle on things. Remember when I said I actually did things for you, I wasn't lying =)

Location: LACMA, BCAM
EXIF Data: D40, 55-200mm VR, no flash
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