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Created 17-Aug-10
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How I Met Your Mother

As young as I can remember, I was always apprehensive about picking favorites, as if they would forever dictate the things I can only love. When you're young, choosing your favorites seem so... final and they lend to making assumptions about your character. If you said your favorite color was blue, people thought you were reserved, quiet and liked spending time at the beach or if you said your favorite TV show was the Smurfs, you probably liked little people or maybe you were just Asian and identify with their longitudinal shortcomings (hey, it's in our genetic makeup to be longitudinally challenged. No shame). If I remembered correctly, my favorites were like changing clothes; I would pick something different everyday.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I'm still apprehensive about picking my favorites. I rather not be... limited... in my choices. But if I had to pick one favorite, my TV obsession, it would undoubtedly be How I Met Your Mother. If you haven't seen it, you have every right to be disowned from my network of friends. You are not worthy and you can stop reading now since the rest might not make too much sense. For the seasoned viewers, you guys will appreciate that there's an uncanny resemblance between Sharon and Alex and Lily and Marshall.

Sharon is playful, sweet, a pleasure to be around and would probably give you the "you're dead to me" look if you rub her the wrong way. Alex is hilarious, passionate, loves to boogle and would probably get dancer's hip sooner than later. Even better, Sharon is an elementary school teacher and Alex is on his way to being a lawyer, JUST like Lily and Marshall. I never imagined how my life would resemble a TV show but then again, I never imagined after meeting Sharon eight years ago in Ms Hall's yearbook class that I would be an active part in her wedding. Who knows, maybe in 30 years, Alex will be telling his kids the story of how he met their mother? Uhmm... can I be Barney?

The wedding was held at the Skirball Center adjacent to Mulholland Drive. Like me, you've probably driven by it but never actually went in. Do yourself a favor and go. Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed on the premise other than in a few selected exhibits. Consider it a perk of being a wedding photographer: I get to run around with my camera and take pictures in prohibited places. Score! But more importantly, Sharon and Alex's wedding day was absolute perfection. After the sun fell over the Malibu mountains, the coastal breeze started rolling in and as you watched Sharon and Alex's vows to each other, you knew, at that moment, you were witnessing complete bliss. Sharon and Alex, it was an true privilege to be a part of your wedding day and thank you for making the last minute arrangements to make room for me. I feel very special. Here's to happiness and stories about how you met Sharon thirty years from now. Enjoy!

Location: Skirball Center, Los Angeles, CA
Gear: D700, 24-70 2.8, 85 1.4, SB-600
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