Created 7-Feb-11
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I've grown tired. Whether it is driving ten miles to the Luxe Hotel or flying three thousand miles to Charm City, graduate school interviews have taken a toll on my body. Waking up at the break of dawn and collapsing fifteen hours later, I felt like I've been uprooted from the ground beneath me. Lying awake in my hotel room, a large part of me just wants to be in my own bed. I just want to be home.

I'm usually a guy who loves adhering to a schedule. There's a sense of stability in that structure. Unfortunate, my schedule, or lack of, has been out of my control. With interviews flanking both sides of my birthday, I just really needed a break, a place to recharge my batteries.

When asked about what I wanted to do for my birthday, I wanted to host my second David Chu Photoshoot. It's something that makes me feel absolutely liberated without the manacles of scientific research or deadlines. It would just be me, friends, and cameras. No script, just spontaneous fun.

I initially opted to try somewhere new to host a photoshoot but since my inception into photography, no place has felt more like home than Huntington Library. It's where I took my first steps as a photographer, where I return to every year to measure my growth and where I find my inspiration when I lose sight of my creativity. For me, it's home.

*The theme of this shoot revolved around props. Somehow along the way, we meshed a chicken, Shamu and goggles into a new species. People gave us weird looks but they were just jealous they didn't have their own Chikamugle. Don't hate. Create.

Location: Huntington Library
Gear: D700, 35 1.4G
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