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Created 30-Jun-09
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Everytime I talk about going to SeaWorld and going to see Shamu, everyone gives me this weird look. "You're 23 and you're going to visit Shamu? No Vegas?"

For your information, there is, quite literally, a lot to love about Shamu. Who wouldn't get excited by a four ton killer whale that can "do flips and shit." (Does anyone get that awesome reference? It involves a boat). Come on, they even have a Shamu show called "Believe." That's exactly what you should be doing: believing in the magic that is Shamu. AND, during the nights in summer, Shamu stars in another show called "Shamu rocks." If you haven't guessed, Shamu rocked my socks.

*Note: if you want to actually see the penguins here, you should come after late August. It's not "spring/summer" here until then, hence, the lack of penguin in this album =(

Location: SeaWorld, San Diego
EXIF: D90, 80-200 2.8
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