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Why I Travel

From the piers of SF to the palaces in Seoul over to the museums in New York and down to the largest aquarium in Atlanta, I’ve traveled to eight destinations within the past year. Each city, unique. Each dish, different. Each landscape, inspiring.

Traveling is a vehicle to experience the world. If each city were a page that made the world into a book, reading just one page would be foolish. Likewise, experiencing the world through one vantage point would be absurd. This book was meant to be perused and anything less would be shortchanging this story.

During this past week on my venture to the Northwest, I must admit, I was charmed by Seattle.

It might have been the stark contrast between LA and getting around in Seattle that had me so dumbfounded. I was absolutely amazed by how walkable the city of Seattle was. From Pike’s Place up to the Central Library over to the Space Needle was arguably less than two miles.

It could also be the profusion of pastries and seafood at every corner. Not once was I disappointed by the caliber of food Seattle had to offer. From the oysters at Elliott’s to the decadent donuts at Dahlia’s Bakery, my gastronomical senses were overwhelmed.

It probably was how breathtaking the cityscape really is. In downtown Seattle, every intersection proffers a splendid view of the waterfront. Coupled with monumental high rises and a plethora of reflective glass, the soft light is a photographer’s dream.

I travel because my story has just begun and I can’t wait for the next chapter. Why do you travel?

Location: Seattle
Gear: D40, 17-55 2.8
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