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Created 18-Apr-10
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My Little Bubble

We all have a bubble. Not the one that’s made out of water or some other amphipathic counterpart but a figurative one. It’s that space that is completely unique to you and a place that contains all of the nuances that make up your character. More importantly, it’s your own personal haven when you need to escape. Now, a bubble comes in many shapes and forms. Most of the time, it’s round. My bubble is a bit different; it’s a bit squared in nature. It compliments me though because occasionally, I’m a bit squared.

My room has always been my little bubble. It’s my escape after my daily routine and it’s a place that is a complete reflection of who I am and who I want to be. It has been molded over a number of years, with each addition to my bubble further defining its overall shape. So… what’s in my little bubble?

- Squall wall scroll – an item I picked up during my teenage years and a tribute to the countless hours spent playing video games and my love for Final Fantasy
- Pigs Galore: It goes without saying that I have an uncanny affinity for pigs. Why I love them so much? They’re cute
- White board: It should serve as a list of reminders but it’s mostly a collection of all of my animal magnets. I don’t have a fridge in my room.
- Jane Pig: a custom designed pig by my beloved Jane that she gave me mid-college. I almost squeaked with joy when she gave it to me
- Headphones: My love for music and my most instrumental tool while studying.
- Desk and all things associated: my canvas where I continually paint who I want to be. It’s where I envision, imagine and create. One of my most valued tools and exists as the heart of my bubble.

Now, I understand that by broadcasting my bubble to the world, I’m allowing you to step inside. It’s alright, I’m fine with that, just as long as you don’t go and pop it.

Actually, I spent a weekend excavating and reassembling my room and it was suggested that I should document this momentous state. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to stay this way for long.

Location: My room
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