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Created 24-May-10
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My Musical Blank

One look and you can probably already tell, I'm your typical Asian. Black hair and glasses? Check. Innate knack for math? Check. Genetically predisposed to love boba? Double check. Musically gifted? [____] Wait a minute... huh? You're not musically gifted? Nope, can't say I am. More like musically challenged.

I guess it's one of my more embarrassing weaknesses - a lack of knowledge in the musical arts. Unlike most of my ethnic peers, I had absolutely zero structured exposure to music during my childhood. My musical background consists of the theme song to Super Mario Bros. with the Tetris Attack soundtrack sprinkled on top. For various reasons, I regretably never had the opportunity to take up an instrument. From afar, I found myself admiring those who were granted the opportunity to nurture their musical talents. Admittedly, I still do today.

Nancy's students' recital was a tad bittersweet, like a strawberry picked a little too soon. Watching each of her students rise from their seats, nervously climb up the stairs onto the stage, squeeze in a haphazard bow before hopping on the piano bench to start their piece reminded me of an ordeal I never got to experience. Prior to their performance, Phong and I might have been placing bets on which one of her kids was the most talented but sitting there in the audience, I was hoping I could live vicariously through one of these kids.

I'm unable to rewind the record of my life to fill in the blanks but I was absolutely privileged to listen to these children's sheer musical brilliance and I applauded proudly for a job well done but also because these children represent the fruits of Nancy's labor and her dedication to spread her love and gift in music. Nancy, thank you for giving me the chance to indulge in an experience I never got a chance to be a part of. Listening to your students perform on stage and watching your fingers grace effortlessly across the piano every time you play me a song at home fill in that musical [_] that resides inside me a little bit more.

I can't deny it. You're pretty awesome and I'm continually blessed to be graced by your musical prowess

Location: Arcadia Public Library, Arcadia
Gear: D700, 50 1.4, D90 17-55 2.8, SB-600's
Teacher NancyOnly 18 out of 32 of her students!