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Created 19-Oct-10
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Twenty Yard Radius

I would just like to start off with... IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK. For those of you who know the recent pages of my life know I've been on a photographic hiatus for more scientific pursuits. Thus far, I've yet to successfully integrate both of them into my life without sacrificing one for the other. It's analogous to the the sun and the moon - when one comes out to play, the other one hides away. I suppose it's true what I say, scientist by day, photographer by night but never both at once. Hmm... challenge accepted! 2 pts to whoever names that quote.

My most recent shoot or I should say a series of shoots took place in Seoul as well as Jeju Island. The immediate advantage of traveling to a foreign country is the surfeit of photo opportunities. Land in the foreign country, walk a few paces and *DINK* "Ohhh... what's this? CLICK CLICK CLICK." Take a stroll through the city *DINK* "Is that McDonald's in Chinese?" At almost any corner is a wealth of Kodak moments. Insert intriguing background, add a subject and *click* - instant awesome picture. Don't get it misconstrued, I'm a victim of the same family of thought. I'm probably a lot worse than most people. And that's how you end up with 3000+ pictures from a 10 days trip overseas.....

One of the ways I've always tried to improve my photography is what I call the Twenty Yard Radius. The concept is fairly simple. Find a location that you want to photograph and within a twenty yard radius, capture twenty different images. Simple right? Well... the challenge arises when you realized that you only have a few backdrops. Good bye to your foreign country crutches to provide you with that plethora of backgrounds. Hello props, angles, lighting, motion, expressions, focal lengths, depth of field and subjects. To me, I think that's the heart of all creative photography. The moment you implement mind forged manicles, the moment you start you find ways to liberate yourself and harness your creative vision. That's the essence of great photography. That's where I want to be one day.

*This shoot was designed specifically for Twin. The location, props and ideas practically screamed a Twin shoot. No one else could tolerate pregnancies, pumpkin BOObies, and little pumpKINs all in one sitting, not to mention shooting in the rain (yes, it was raining). Thank you Twin for always being such a great sport. You have always been an integral part of my prospering creative vision and you're so gracious with your contributions. I would also like to thank Snuggles for inspiring me with the idea of hosting a pumpkin patch shoot. Sharing is caring - DO IT!


Location: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, Will Rogers Park
Gear: D700, 85 1.4G
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