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Too Hard to Pass Up:

Let's just say that this is not how I envisioned spending my Chinese New Year, but I "ended" up going on a little adventure. But no surprise, evidently by the creation of this album and the pictures you see here, I apparently went shooting. Allow me to back it up a moment...

It all started with a haircut. You see... it has probably been at least several weeks since my last cut and as I was sitting there, outside, shirtless (getting my tan, of course), getting my hair trimmed by my brother Pete, I couldn't help but wondering... "wow, it's actually pretty warm today." I reflected and remember that was going to be a cozy 78'F today in Southern California.

I had planned all week to spend the day with family, at HOME, watching the all-star game or eating those annual red watermelon seeds symbolic of the New Year but that progressively struck me as absurd. Absolutely no one was home. I pondered, "it would be a total shame stay indoors. This day is too good to pass up."

I immediately texted my Twin to see if she was free since she CONVENIENTLY lives down the street from the closest acceptable boba shop according to my standards and asked her if she wanted to take me up on that park shoot I've promised her back in October but failed to schedule.

And for the rest? I'll leave the pictures to tell that story.

Location: Schabarum Park, Rowland Heights
EXIF Data: Papa bear, 85 1.4, Mama bear, 17-55 2.8, SB-600
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