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Nice Guy - the Sequel

Two years ago, Twin and I conceived a shoot that paid homage to Wong Fu Productions' brand - Nice Guy/Nice Girl. We purchased two of their shirts and a couple of their plush dolls, found a remote location in LA and went shooting. What resulted was a wildly popularized shoot that fortuitously found its way to the Wong Fu blog (, shared on FB and Tumblr and culminated with me meeting Wong Fu Productions shortly thereafter.

Twin and I always joked about doing a sequel but since I now reside in Baltimore and her being in St Louis, you can say we've encountered some geographical difficulties. Now, two years later, when Twin planned a visit to the East Coast and serendipitously brought along her NG shirt, there was no better time for part two. We have both independently visited DC on separately occasions and universally agreed it would be an ideal location for a photoshoot with its plethora of backdrops.

So, adorned with the NG icon stretched across our chest, we ventured to DC for the sequel, embracing ideas from our original photoshoot but expanding on the compositional and stylistic elements from before. We made sure to include our iconic jumping shots (now with ninja poses!) with side-by-side portraits (something I picked up from wedding photography). What you see here is a results of our combined effort. NGs never been so patriotic. Enjoy!

*Thanks again Twin for coming out to see me and being the better half to my NG shoots!

Location: Washington DC
Gear: EP-3, Panasonic 25mm 1.4
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