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Created 27-Apr-09
12 photos
Despite all of the times I've passed this place, I never really stopped to take a look. It doesn't seem that big but it's truly beautiful (on a sunny day, of course). Mainly because were we constrained on time, our third iteration in the Twin edition series took place within Alhambra rather than our usually destination somewhere in downtown LA.

For a less-than-an-hour shoot, I was surprised that we covered so much ground. I'm actually more surprised that all of our pictures were within a 10 yard radius. Doesn't seem like it, does it? I don't get to indulge like this too often but I'm glad when I do get the chance. Thanks Twin for being so cooperative and tolerant of all my weird photo antics. We'll shoot again soon =)

Location: San Gabriel Mission
EXIF Data: Nikon D90, 17-55