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Meet Nina

Meet Nina. She's a fresh face to the blog but I've been lucky to get to know her over the last few years. I had initially met Nina during orientation at Hopkins. You might say that this meeting was inevitable, considering we are in the same graduate program together, but I like to think there is something serendipitous about our friendship. Beyond being lab rats, both she and I share a love for Michael C. Hall and his role in Dexter, how Baltimore is really the backdrop for most things House of Cards and our commitment to strike the perfect work life balance.

And that's where we see eye to eye the most: work life balance. During our tenure as graduate students at Johns Hopkins, we've been fortunate to meet a plethora of high powered scientists who are authorities in their respective fields. Beyond their unparalleled knowledge of their specialty, one of the common threads I've begun to appreciate is their remarkable sense of work life balance. It has been said by the dean of admissions of our program that what makes Hopkins unique is not entirely the intellectual prowess of the faculty but their ability to wear a lot of different hats and how they bring those outside influences to the bench. It's a theme they openly advocate and something, I think, a lot of us try to practice.

Earlier this year, I've had the opportunity to catch up with Nina and over the course of our dinner, Nina was ecstatic to share with me her newfound love for yoga. Not only did she start practicing yoga but she wanted to eventually teach yoga, so much so that her enthusiasm was palpable. One of the things I admire most about Nina is her sheer ambition, which permeates throughout her research, but also into every facet of her life. Now, several months later, she is almost done as a RYT 200 and will be hopefully teaching in a couple of months! This shoot is a culmination of her training but also the beginning of her journey as a yogi. And as an added bonus, she managed to teach Donna and I some acroyoga!

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*Thanks Nina for such a fun Saturday afternoon!

Location: Fed Hill, Baltimore
Gear: D700, 85 1.4G

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