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Created 3-Jan-14
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2 South

It would be remiss to talk about Julie without an allegory about 2 South. Here goes..

Whenever I imagine, think, converse, describe, photograph, visit, engage and dream about this group of people, I have a profound sense of pride and love. They say that the friends you meet in college are the ones you have for life and that couldn't be more true for this group of people. I have known 2 South since my second year of college and we have conveniently deemed ourselves 2 South after the floor and side we lived on when we met in Sproul Hall. It was during this very year that I met Julie and subsequently Tom when they got together. Though our lives have led us on divergent paths, scattering us across the globe, we have always found a way back together. They are lifelong advocates of my professional and personal endeavors and I'm truly honored to be able to call them family. When Julie approached me and asked if I could do an engagement shoot for her and Tom, I was like, "!!!!!!!!" but I replied with a simple, "yes, of course." But really, I couldn't contain myself.

I knew there was something special between Julie and Tom ever since they met. I remember this one time during my second year, Julie returned to the dorms with these HUGE gashes on her ankles from her first time rollerblading with Tom. I mean, they were faint inducing huge. I might have passed out myself if it wasn't for Julie's reassuring "I'm okay," hearty chuckle and smile that lights the world. Time and time again during that year, Julie would return home to the dorms with a different battle scar whether they were cuts, bruises or some more gashes. But what never diminished was her chuckle and enormous smile. It was evident that despite her physical injuries, she cherished the time she spent with Tom. And 8 years later, that's couldn't be more true (they recently acquired a tandem bike and to the best of my knowledge, no injuries so far!).

When Julie and I talked about locations for their engagement shoot, Julie wanted to pay homage to where it all started - Santa Monica and UCLA. Though there's a disagreement on their parts, they had one of their first dates in Santa Monica (Julie says first date, Tom says third date and I'm inclined to side with him on this one) while their relationship stemmed and blossomed at UCLA. Naturally, both locations presented great backdrops for their story. But really, I think these two locations are just personifications of their character - cheery, sunny and fun with an air of elegance and style. It couldn't have been more synergistic.

I hope you two enjoy this set as much as I do. I can't be more excited for everything the future holds for you two and I hope I'm there to document some of those memories. You two are such troopers and amazing models! Thank you!

Location: Santa Monica Pier and UCLA
Gear: D700, 35 1.4, 85 1.4