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The Pursuit of Happyness

Let’s just make it clear. My life, by a number of measures, has seen more tears than smiles, more rain than sunshine, more heartache than happiness. There was an extended period of time when I felt helpless, as if I was a puppet to my emotions. I was 8 and I didn’t really understand the world and I didn’t know how to fight back. I felt abandoned, isolated and encaged by my circumstances. I didn’t know what to do…..

One day, several years later, I woke up. I progressively realized that my life didn't have to be this way. I was fed up being depressed, I was tired that I wouldn't amount to anything, I was frustrated over the weight of my situation and how it determined the course of my life. I deemed, at that moment, that the meaning of life, the meaning of my life, would be the pursuit of happyness. To me, the meaning of life is not about the amount of money you make, the size of your house or the model of your car. It's a measure of the bonds you've forged in your relationships, the quality of your friendships and the ability to share that happiness and joy with others. Sometimes, I feel like I'm living a dream. You know what, I am dreaming because this wedding, this experience, this opportunity is the epitome of happyness. I've never been so ridiculously, over-my-head, I-want-to-jump-off-a-building type of happy because for the first time, I've found a way to share one of my passions with others.

Blanca and Juan exemplify my meaning of life. To be together for 14 years is nothing short of extraordinary and to witness the day when they finally unite, it was absolutely perfection. As the photographer for the day, I felt like the most honored guest there. It wasn't because I got to ride the limo to the church or that I got steak for dinner. It was because I had the privilege of being able to witness all of those moments of bliss in between that no one else gets to chance to see. The way he jokingly glares at her when no one else is looking. The way she casually brushes it off and smiles back. Those moments truly radiates true happiness. Juan persistently insists that it was his privilege for me to be there. I disagree. For two individuals to wholeheartedly trust a semi-random stranger three months prior to your wedding to document your day without any previous experience in wedding photography, you guys are completely crazy. But I am sincerely honored. I cannot thank you enough for the faith you had in me, your trust in my aptitude and your compassion for embracing me like family. Thank you for being a part of my meaning, my happiness. You two are absolutely amazing.

Lastly, I would like to say the biggest thank you to my personal cheerleaders and everyone who has ever been featured here. You guys are the reasons I overcame the hurdle I just did and what I plan on continuing doing. You are the foundation of David Chu Photography and your undying support is my lifeline and you continually foster my creative vision. Thank you!

Location: Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA
Gear: D700, 50 1.4D, 85 1.4D, 80-200 2.8; D90, 17-55 2.8
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