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Created 6-Jun-09
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No... I did not stalk some little kid and take billion of pictures of him (although that idea seems oddly tempting...). BUT, if I wanted to or had a choice to adopt a kid (obvious for all that picture taking), this kid would be at the top of my list.

Meet Jordan. He's currently two and loves saying "BUS!" for anything remotely resembling a moving vehicle (I'm currently in the process of trying to expand his vocabulary to include "TRUCK!") But in all honesty, he's the closest thing I have that resembles my own child, just like my Buddie (Kat) is the closest thing I have to a sister. I almost feel like a proud parent, photographing all of his baby moment only to use it against him during his teenage years. I find it only PARTLY stalkerish for me to take all these pictures of him, especially when he isn't mine (he's Kat). He's already two and next thing you know, he'll be three and then four. They grow up so fast...... which reminds me that I'm getting old. Alright, time to go do some big, little kid, stuff =)

Location: The Jump Around (imagine a moon bounce but a warehosue full of them)
EXIF Data: Nikon D90, 17-55mm f2.8, SB-600
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