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Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny. She might be a new face to the blog but make no mistake, she fits in very nicely. I must admit, there's something about the way she smiles that radiates warmth and comfort. It seemingly feels like we've known each other for a little longer than several months. And the best part of all? I think she might be able to fly higher than I can and I've been flying for quite some time now. I think I just found some good competition. Also, she's great on both sides of the camera, though if I had to decide, she's tremendously better in front of. Overall, she's pretty awesome.

Several months ago I posted a note stating my photographic goals for 2010. It was a road map that I created based on what I felt would take my photography to the next rung. By no means do I consider myself an expert but I thought it would be nice to satiate the alternate-me harboring inside of me that yearns to be a teacher. I wanted to teach and be able to share one of my passions with the world. I want people to embrace both fronts of the camera, behind and in front of, and understand the joys of capturing these quintessential moments of happiness. So when Jenny asked me out on a photo outing, I almost jumped to the idea of being a teacher for the day. I usually have to bribe people with food to come out with me but since she was so willing.... I didn't need the food. Half teaching, half shooting, all wholesome goodness. Enjoy!

Photographic Note: I wanted to embrace my roots as a natural light shooter and tried to revolve the shoot around using natural light as well as natural reflectors. Downtown LA is practically the epitome of natural reflectors. Just remember to keep those eyes posted and you won't have to worry about flash too much. Natural reflectors, directional lighting and 2 hours before sunset is golden.

Location: Bradbury Building, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
EXIF Data: D90, 17-55 2.8, 35 1.8
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