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Created 21-Oct-08
16 photos
When I talk about travels, I'm talking about the time I first started traveling and left this bubble known as California. That happened over a year ago when I ventured to Beijing in hopes of being more culturally sound. Since then, mainly due to the constraints of school and science, I haven't had a chance to travel again. After graduation, my beloved slug and I decided to take a road trip up north to Monterey to visit the aquarium. This is only after we went to go visit the Long Beach Aquarium (Aquarium of the Pacific) and fell in love with the sea animals there. The road trip included a few other stops (Pismo beach, Hearst Castle and Big Sur) but I have to say, Monterey Bay was the best. Besides, have you seen those jellyfish pictures????? Yeah, that's why. If you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and go visit Monterey. It's quite spectacular.

Note: some of these pictures were taken by my slug