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Created 24-Jan-11
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The Evolution of DCHU

About one year ago, inspired by my buddy KFC's proclivity to publish his thoughts, ideas, resolutions and life lessons online, I felt inclined to write my own resolutions. Rather than haphazardly scribbling those resolutions down as mental notes, I devoted the time to sitting down, evaluating my accomplishments for the past year and creating both my personal resolutions and photography resolutions for 2010. Once published, I was pleasantly surprised by the community and support I received from my friends and family because I took the hour or so to write my resolutions down. It reminds me that those who are close to you can only help you if you tell them what you need help with. So.. write your resolutions!

Ironically, as much as I'm professing this necessity of actually writing resolutions, I'm currently twenty four days late. I've been jotting them down on bits of paper but here's to the start of getting those resolutions down, first here and then as a note later.

There's this idea of evolution that has been floating around in my head lately. When I mention evolution, I'm not referring to the Pokemonian evolution or Darwin's evolution. I'm referring to personal evolution, that being, transitioning from one step to the next. More often than not, it's hard to see what that next step is or what it could be but I'm inspired by the idea as long as you're moving forward, continually progressing, constantly evolving, you'll discover what that is. Photography for me the past couple of years has centered around this very idea, both in my technical gear but also my creative vision. I think I've gotten beyond just taking pretty pictures. I've crossed that checkpoint but I just don't want to stop there. I can't see where my creative vision is taking me but I believe if I continue imagining, constantly creating, and progressively experimenting, I will not cease to evolve.

For now, I want to learn what it takes to be great in front of and behind the camera. Who ever said a scientist can't be a model as well. Here's to the evolution of DCHU.

*A special thanks goes out to Jenny for introducing me to Greystone Mansion and for complementing my outfit. You're also quite the photographer, I must say :)

*Outfits inspired by:

Location: Greystone Mansion
Gear: D700, 85 1.4, 50 1.4
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