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Created 28-Nov-09
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There's a saying that a man can have many faces but what about a woman? How many faces can she have?

This album was completely unintentional but what began as a mini night shoot revisiting SG Mission turned out to be an album completely devoted to Twin. Inspired by Wong Fu's "Poser," I wanted to showcase all the different possible faces a person can make or PPA's in Wong Fu speak. For my Twin, that's 25. I didn't go out with the intent of shooting all her different facial expressions but during my "set up" shots while I was setting up, Twin "happened" to come up with a different expression during every shot. And she said she couldn't come up with difference expressions. Ahem... really?

This was suppose to be one of our famous jumping albums but due to the lack of time and available light, that was a bit difficult. So no.. I will not be appearing in this album and we didn't do any jumping shots. Okay, I lied, maybe just one =P

Location: San Gabriel Mission
EXIF Data: Papa bear, 85 1.4