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One Year Later

Petrified. After talking to my buddy Erick and accepting his proposal to shoot my first wedding, I stood there, petrified. Still grasping the phone to my ear, I couldn’t believe what I just acquiesced to. It was a dream that came all too soon. Photography was merely a casual pastime, an artistic craft to balance my scientific pursuits. I always jested that I would eventually shoot weddings but never this soon, not this abrupt. How was an untrained photographer like me even suppose to shoot a wedding?

Science. That was my answer. One of my greatest assets as a researcher was my ability to conduct assays - experiment, analyze and learn. With that, I ventured to establish my foundation in wedding photography, starting with off-camera lighting, learning to see natural light and fortifying my creative vision. With practice, I forged my own talents as a wedding photographer. I was ready for my first wedding.

Ecstatic. One year later, when I was asked to shoot Esther’s wedding, that’s how I felt. I no longer cowered in fear. Regardless of the capricious weather, quality of light or variable locations, I knew I had what it takes to shoot a wedding. I didn’t need to fear these unknowns. I needed to embrace them. They inspire the freedom to imagine, dream and compose. For Esther and Brian, I had the opportunity to share my creative vision and create something entirely original. That was invigorating.

Blessed. I gleamed with joy because I once again had the opportunity to witness something sacred. Even after being together for 9 years, Esther and Brian still radiate with glee when they’re together. Esther might have heard all of his jokes once before but she still finds them funny. Brian is still captivated every time he looks at her because she’s perfect the way she is. In front of their family and friends, I witnessed their love converging and I can only describe it one way.


*Esther and Brian. You guys remind me why I love doing what I get to do. I know we’ve only met three times but I feel like I’ve known you two for a lot longer. I’m lucky to have been a part of your wedding and you two are great. Best of luck to the both of you :)

Location: Occidental College, Eagle Rock, CA
Gear: D700, 70-200 2.8, 85 1.4G
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