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Created 21-Apr-09
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It's a bit surprising sometimes. You've lived in Los Angeles all of your life (or maybe most of it) but you still find yourself surprised when you discover some place in LA you haven't been to. I've come across that "Hidden LA" book but I'm not sure how much it would actually tell me about this place. This is my second time visiting Descanso Gardens and I must say, it was a lot more pleasant. Granted that I did go last July, the weather this time around was a lot more bearable. Call me a romantic or maybe a sucker for K-dramas; Descanso Gardens has that K-drama feel, except you're actually IN the drama. Okay. Maybe you don't have those slow motion scenes or the scene where the guy has to carry the girl because she drank too much soju but you definite have the setting for one. All in all, great day, great shoot, tons of fun. Thanks Slug =)

Location: Descanso Gardens, Glendale
EXIF Data: Nikon D90, 17-55 f2.8, tripod