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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm a fan of holidays. Some are explosion heavy while others commemorate stuffing a 20lb bird in the oven and praying it doesn't come out overly dry (the trick being brining which I'll delineate later on in the year). Although the aforementioned bird makes me prance around with glee, topped off with my turkey dance, no other holidays is more precious to me than Christmas.

As a child, Christmas wasn't your conventional festive holiday where you surround yourself around the Christmas tree, decorating it with ornaments, piling presents below. Whether it was our Buddhist culture or our overly cramped house, we didn't have a tree to decorate. Without a tree to ignite the ambiance, we never got in the spirits of gift giving. It was seemingly as if Santa decided to skip our house because we didn't have a chimney or because we ate all of his cookies and left him spoiled milk. In either case, it wasn't a very jolly season during the holidays. I was always envious of those who had chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

About eight years ago, my extended family decided to break the cycle and start our very own tradition. We didn't need to be shackled by the manacles of our past and who was to say cousins couldn't get together for the holidays without the older adults and their Scroogian ways. Now, every year we would find time to get together, clink glasses around the dinner table, take pictures next to the Christmas tree and exchange presents, albeit with a struggle or two. It's the Christmas I've always wanted and I rejoice every year when this holiday approaches. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Thanks to all of my family for making this holiday so exceptionally special. I look forward to our next gathering.

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