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It's the holidays and because it's the holidays, what naturally follows are the annual "traditions."

We always scramble to get everyone together on the 24th of December. We haphazardly send out mass emails a couple of weeks prior to organize what we're bringing to dinner. We're tardy in trying to get our secret santa gifts (or even put up our list for that matter) and one or all of the Chu brothers arrive late.

But because it is the holidays, what naturally follows are the family traditions.

We gather at the same house, same time and greet each other with warm embraces. We take charge and cook for the day so our parents can relax for a change. We assemble around an elongated table covered in delectable dishes that we've prepared. We crack jokes with each other, laugh and unbutton our jeans in anticipation for dessert.

It is these traditions, year after year, that don't change. But I don't want them to. Because these are traditions, I'll always have something to look forward to next year.

Happy holidays =)

Location: La Puente
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