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Created 11-May-09
74 photos
Almost two summers ago, I embarked on a remarkable trip back to the Motherland. The months prior to the trip were filled with a number of anxieties. For me, it would be a first on a number of fronts. It would be my first time on a moving vehicle that doesn’t navigate with wheels, my first time out of this country and my first time having to squat. Before the trip, I set out some goals - some obvious, some not. For one, I had (and still somewhat have) a burning desire to improve my fluency in Chinese. I also naively believed that once I was out of the States, I would have the space to breathe and figure out what I wanted out of life and work out my goals for the next 10 years.

Let’s just say in short, the latter didn’t happen. I did rock my Chinese though (most of which I’ve unfortunately forgotten by now). I had realized that whether I was home or abroad, the answers to my life questions weren’t going to appear like a blink of an eye. It would ultimately require my own initiative to get out there and seize it. As someone would tell me, I had to grab life by the "...."

Although my purpose in life wasn’t fully understood during those 3 months, I did manage to seize something else. Being abroad for 3 months, I naturally found myself presented with a number of photographic opportunities (conveniently captured here). 3000+ pictures later, I began to realized the limits of a mere point and shoot and I decided to investigate what else was out there. And where did that lead me? My D40

Destination: Beijing
EXIF Data: Sony P200 and all its 7.1MP goodness
3 Lovely Ladies - Summer PalaceMajestic - Summer PalaceMain Shrine - Summer PalaceLost? - Summer PalaceHeading to the top - Summer PalaceGoing up? - Summer PalaceCloser - Summer PalaceAt the top - Summer PalaceHeading down, looking back - Summer PalaceStepping stones - Summer PalaceTired - Temple of HeavenBeing one with nature - Temple of Heaven2 umbrellas and 3 lovely ladies - Temple of HeavenThe Temple - Temple of HeavenStraight CHILLIN' - Temple of HeavenLooking at the Heavens - Temple of HeavenThirsty? - Temple of HeavenMain Shrine - Temple of HeavenSilly - HouhaiMy milkshake is better than yours - Hutong