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As easy as it is to accuse graduate school, I’m the one who is solely accountable. It’s not the 10-12 hour days I have to put into classes and rotation labs. It’s not the studying I need to do once I get home (okay, let’s be honest, SHOULD be doing). It’s not even because my Mommy isn’t around and I now have to cook my own dinner. In truth, it’s because I don’t have my priorities straight.

Graduate school is my priority, mainly because without it, I would truly be a starving graduate student surviving meagerly on a Shin Ramen diet. Yet, for leisure, I don’t browse through science journals, I peruse through photography blogs. Photography is still a priority, at least, somewhere in my head. I had hoped that by plunging into both when I got to Baltimore, this dichotomy would somehow resolve itself. It’s starting to seem that this chasm is only getting wider.

Where are we now? Over New Years, as I was ruminating over my resolutions for 2012, I wanted to rekindle my passion for photography by jumping in head first.

“Yeah, I’ll do a 365 project!” After the third day, I realized that was a lie.

Next, I convinced myself, “Okay, let’s do a portrait a week, 52 weeks of DCHU!”

*Two weeks later* “Crap, did I just miss a week?”

And so here we are, with what I believe to be an honest attempt at consistently taking photos. I thought to myself as I was reading one of those magazines, you know, the ones with all the pictures but you’re really just “reading” the articles that, “why do only models get to be in calendars?” Here at DCHU Photography, we’re going to change all that. It’s 2012 and we’re putting the SEXY back into SciEn(XY)tist (if you look hard enough, you’ll see how that works). Enjoy!


*Photoshoot inspired My Neighbor Totoro with a Totoro Tummy shirt

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The Beginning https://www.dchuphotography.com/blog/2012/2/trial This is a test, just a test. 

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