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Totally Not With It:

Do you ever get the feeling that you're a bit lost with the times, that you're not entirely "with it" anymore? I'm embarrassed to admit it but this has happened on, not one, but two accounts recently.

The first was getting a first generation Ipod Touch. Now... I know Ipod Touches have been around when the Wiimote was making its appearance but I've only recently hopped on this bandwagon. I'm not alluding to the iTouch as a music player but more as a portable computer. I'm going to sound antiquated but POP email and apps??? They have revolutionized how I interact day to day and the way I now obtain my media. Makes me wish I caught on sooner... which leads me to my second point.

FOOD TRUCKS. I'm unsure when this local phenomenon started but I'm still under the premise that frozen yogurt was the preferred choice. This adventure originated from my Twin's desire to scope out the Downtown Art Walk, "open" every 2nd Thursday of the month. I was so ready to get my art walk on until I paused alongside an abandon parking lot and seemingly through the city haze emerged a glorious food truck, ready to satisfy my hungry pains. And to satiate my craving, it was none other than the Grilled Cheese Truck. When asking around, it seemed as if everyone knew about the Grilled Cheese Truck and I was the last one to find out. It's like elementary school and when you're the last one to hear about the upcoming minimum day. Makes you feel a bit.. late.

All in all, the "art walk" inadvertently transformed into a "food walk" in search of all of the food truck prowling the town. And yes, we actually did check out some art galleries. How can I not get my art walk on?

Location: Downtown LA, every 2nd Thursday of the month
EXIF Data: NIkon D90, 35 1.8, SB-600
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