What you'll discover here is the other half of my dichotomy. By day, you'll usually find me inside a sterile bubble, trying to discover novel ways to understand and better treat breast cancer. By night, you'll find me with my camera gear, embarking on my next photo adventure. Think Batman

First, this is my blog. It is composed of the most recent pages of my life, written with more pictures than words. As an avid traveler originally from Los Angeles turn grad student on the East Coast, it documents the balance I try to maintain between the life back home, the life I have here and all of the places in between.

Secondly, this is a portfolio. It details the multifaceted nature of my craft and displays, what I believe to be, some of my best work. While I focus mostly on portrait, engagement and wedding photography, I strongly believe in being a Renaissance photography, being comfortable with arenas I find uncomfortable. This is how I imagine, this is how I compose and this is how I capture regardless of niche. 

Third, this is my ongoing experiment, integrating the two disciplines I know best. It documents my growth as a photographer and who I want to become. For me, it's a continual test to perfect my photography and my will to prove that the extent of a photographer’s talent is proportional to his creative vision and not a puppet to his equipment.

Lastly, this is my thank you. It reflects how grateful I am to be able to share my work. It's also my appreciation to those who trust me to tell their story in the best way I know how: true to who they are.

Feel free to drop a line to let me know what you think.