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About three years ago, I started what is progressively transforming into an annual tradition. After moving out of the dorms my 2nd year, I was terribly afraid that our nightly dinners together and weekly outings would fade away. It is all too common for friends to have a spike in their friendship, practically living with each other to becoming strangers who stroll by each other with hardly a wave or smile on the way to class.

I wanted to change all that. When you become a part of my family, you are FAMILY regardless of your genetic make up or the proteins that course through your blood. And when the holidays come around, you better be ready to suit up and feast. Our first Thanksgiving was held three years ago and this night makes three Thanksgivings that I've hosted (all thanks to Nancy and her parents for providing the roof to house our turkey). Let's hope this isn't the last. To good food and good times. Spekt.

*This album is a composite of photos taken by Phong, Julie, Nancy and myself. YAY to me for not having to be the only photographer for the evening.

Location: Nancy's house, Arcadia
EXIF Data: Papa bear, 85 1.4, Mama bear, 17-55 2.8
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